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Pablo Chuy is a third-generation coffee farmer. Linda Vista was originally developed by his grandfather after relocating from China. Within this farm, the uniformly ripe cherries are selectively hand-picked by skilled workers during the coffee harvest. These coffees are left overnight to ferment in the cherry form before being subject to meticulous sun-drying on concrete tile patios for about 8-12 days with continuous raking undertaken by a dedicated worker for these specialty lots. The coffees are closed using tarps late in the afternoon so that the moisture is in check at night. In the morning they are opened up again and raking continues until the moisture reaches 14%-15%. These lots are hulled and roasted in the in-house lab to ensure the cup quality is consistent.


Region  -  Santa Rosa

Producer -  Pablo Chuy

Altitude  -  1400-1900 masl

Flavour  -  Citrus, tropical fruit, berry, acidity.