We’re committed to being kinder to the environment. 

At Rubra Coffee, we’ve partnered with a number of organisations throughout Australia and are choosing more sustainable recycling and packaging options, while contributing to greener environmental initiatives.

We’ve joined forces with Richgro, another Western Australian family-owned business, to dispose of the organic bi-products created as a result of roasting, manufacturing and making coffee. This is giving us the chance to transform our roasting waste into an organic product.

Our collaborative partnership sees our coffee bean husks or chaff and used coffee-grounds from pouring espresso or brewing coffee, that would otherwise go to landfill, being used as a raw material in some of Richgro’s mulches and organic compost. What started as a gift from the earth, is returned.

Richgro uses an Anaerobic Digestion Plant at their state-of-the-art facility, which turns our coffee grind and chaff into biogases (carbon dioxide and methane) and into organic fertiliser (digestate).

Their enclosed Anaerobic Digestion Plant turns tonnes of waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill, into clean energy and power that is sent back to the grid. Recycling up to 50,000 tonnes of solid and liquid waste from local food producers, farms, supermarkets and other suppliers each year, Richgro’s Anaerobic Digestion Plant can generate 28,800 kilowatts of energy per day – enough to power 1800 Western Australian homes.

We also recycle the grain pro bags that some of our green beans are delivered in, inside of hessian bags, as well as bottle lids. Two items that can be difficult to recycle. Our partnership with Terracycle, sees this innovative organisation help eliminate difficult to recycle waste right around the world.

The hessian bags our green beans arrive in are sold at our purpose built roastery in O’Connor, Perth for a $2 donation. All funds raised from the sale of the hessian bags are donated to local charities that are close to our heart. We also donate the hessian bags free of charge to environmental groups for weed collection or animal trapping for research purposes.

We have also chosen to partner with BioPak, who provide sustainable packaging options, while supporting and contributing to important social and environmental initiatives. 

By using BioPak packaging, it is another way we can contribute to making a positive environmental change. Through BioPak we are helping to offset our carbon footprint, avoiding plastic and plastic pollution, as well as helping to restore and rescue rainforests around the world. Together we have planted trees, fed people in need and partnered with MedEarth to impact lives in developing countries positively.

We are also mindful about what materials we use to create our coffee pods, coffee-in-a-bag products and silken pyramid tea bags ensuring we use a bio-degradable alternative free of plastics and aluminium.

We are proud to now offer home compostable pods to the home user, another step towards reducing single use plastics.