At Rubra, we have created a very successful retail range of products. With contemporary emotive design and a focus on quality and ethical trade, our multi award-winning products are sure to make an impact on your shelves. Our driving force is quality and creating a point of difference while providing the finest award-winning coffees, teas, and packaging.



At Rubra we don’t see our cafes as just customers, they are part of our team. Therefore their success is our success. Besides our specialized cafe reserve blends, we have developed a range of products and services to help grow your business.

We believe that the right training and skills are needed to make great coffee, so we provide expert barista training to help you meet these needs.



As one of Perth’s leading award-winning boutique coffee roasters, Rubra recognises that having great coffee at the workplace is one of the most important factors for many corporate offices. Using our extensive knowledge we provide innovative solutions to all of our valued corporate clients, from coffee, tea, and chocolate to equipment and cleaning products.



Rubra can work closely with you to create unique coffee and tea blends that can be tailored to suit your customer’s tastes and price preferences. We can also customize packaging and labeling to reflect your brand - helping you to increase sales and brand awareness in the market.