Updated: 06/01/22


Where can I view my order history?

Select Account, log in, and your order history will be displayed under your default address

Can I store more than one address?

Yes, you may edit your address list and make a default address from your Account page 


I made a mistake on my order - Can I change my order?

In most cases we can fix your order before it gets processed, please contact orders@rubra.com.au or call 08 9314 6299

How do I pick up my order?
Select the 'store pickup' option when selecting a shipping method

Can I pick up my order from one of your locations? 

We currently offer pickup from our warehouse location and in some cases from Rubra on the Go Hilton. Most coffee will be available for purchase from Rubra warehouse and Rubra on the Go Hilton.

What forms of payment do you accept? 

Credit/debit cards: Visa & Mastercard, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Shop Pay. Cash purchases available from our Warehouse, Drive through or cafe locations

Rubra Rewards

What are Rubra Rewards?

Get rewarded for shopping! Receive one point for every 1 dollar spent on coffee and tea. 

How do I earn points?

Points are rewarded on coffee and tea to the value of the purchase - this excludes any coffee subscriptions or Coffee in a Bag products. 

How do I spend points?

Discount vouchers are redeemable via the rewards app on our website in the bottom left corner. Please log in to see your rewards. 

200 points = $5 Discount
300 points = $10 Discount
400 points = $15 Discount
500 points = $20 Discount
600 points = $25 Discount

What product can I redeem my vouchers on? 

Coffee and Tea - excluding coffee subscriptions and coffee in a bag product. 


Where can I buy your product? 

Rubra Warehouse, Rubra on the Go Hilton,  and from our stockists. Various locations stock different products. For more information on what is stocked at each location, please email mail@rubra.com.au or call 08 9314 6299. Please note; Rubra on the Go locations are drive-through only. Rubra locations require payment at time of purchase.

Do you have stockists in my area? 

Check out our stockists page. 

How do I know which stockists stock coffee/tea/other Rubra products? 

There are select products listed on the stockist page. Tick the product you're after and filter the search to your area. If the product you're after is not listed, contact us via email: orders@rubra.com.au with the stockist and/or product you are after, and the location. You may also call 08 9314 6299, but please be aware that it takes time to look through our records, so email is best. 

Coffee Questions

How should I store my coffee? 

Rubra Coffee bags are designed to keep your coffee fresher for longer, with a one-way valve to let out gasses as the coffee ages. Best to keep the coffee in the bag supplied or a Friis coffee storage container in a cool, dry area, out of direct sunlight. 

Can you grind my coffee? 

Yes! If ordering online you can select which grind you require. We can grind on demand when purchasing coffee from our warehouse or Rubra on the Go locations.

I'm not sure which coffee to buy, can you help me?

Certainly can! Give us a call on 08 9314 6299 or email orders@rubra.com.au. We also supply tasting notes for our coffees under product descriptions on our website. Our locations currently pour Cartel through our espresso machines. 

Do you sell organic coffee? 

Yes, our organic coffees include Mexican, Mon Ami, East Timor, and Decaf. 

What is your organic coffee accreditation? 

Certified organic by OCIA (Organic Crop Improvement Association). Rubra Coffee as a coffee roaster does not have an organic accreditation, only the green beans are certified organic. This is because we roasted and pack our organic and standard coffees in the same facility. 

What is 'Cafe Reserve'?

Cafe Reserve blends are designed for espresso machines - with bold flavours and a smooth finish to blend perfectly with or without milk. 

Subscription FAQs

What is a coffee subscription? 

Sign up for a subscription to receive your coffee (250g or 1kg), coffee pods etc on a fortnightly, 3-weekly or monthly basis. The subscription option is on the product page of your desired coffee or coffee pods. If there is no option, it means we do not offer that product on a subscription basis. 
The number of products (e.g. 1 x Chantico kilo) that you purchase with your initial order after selecting subscription, will be the number of products you receive for each subscription delivery. The recurring order can be edited on your account page. 

How often is the coffee sent? 

Fortnightly, 3-weekly or monthly. You skip or change your delivery days to suit however often or less often you need your coffee. 

How much is shipping?

Delivery costs are different depending on your location and how much you order. Order over $100 each shipment to receive free delivery. 
Delivery costs are found at checkout, after delivery details have been entered. 

Can I change my coffee blend/type? 

Certainly! Visit your account page, log in, click manage subscriptions and change the type of coffee in the settings. 

Can I change the shipment date? 

Same as above. Visit your account page, log in, click manage subscriptions and edit your shipment dates. 

How do I change my address?

Visit your account page, log in, click manage subscriptions and edit your delivery address. 


I would like to sell your coffee/tea/product - who do I contact?

Fill out our submission form here and we will be in touch!


I'm opening up a cafe, can I try your coffee?

 Fill out our submission form here and we will be in touch!


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