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The coffee crop of the Bilo Nopa is grown in rich volcanic-loamy soil and an idyllic climate, giving this coffee its unique flavour. They use the pulp by-product as compost to enrich soil health and now have state-of-the-art pulping machines along with 280 drying tables elevating this farm's coffee quality. Giving rich caramel, apricot, cocoa and notes of black tea, Ethiopia Limu is a beautiful representation of high-quality Ethiopian coffee. 

Country - Ethiopia
Region - Bilo Nopa, Oromia
Station - Limu Nopa Washing Station
Screen Size - 16 up
Varietal - Wolisho
Altitude - 1600-1750 MASL
Process Method - Washed
Acidity - medium
Body - medium
Flavour - Apricot • Caramel • Cocoa • Black Tea