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Perfect for gifting or trying out a new blend! 

4-pack of Chantico Coffee Pods.

Our award-winning Chantico blend packed into coffee pods (compatible with original style Nespresso®* coffee machines). Each pod contains our award-winning coffee and is blended, roasted and packed in Australia from quality imported beans. 

Be seduced by this smooth and sensuous blend. As our most awarded coffee, Chantico is proven to satisfy even the coffee connoisseur.

Strength: Medium

Pod Type: Biodegradable original style pod to EN Standard 13432 (Fits these machines)

*Nespresso® is a trademark of Societe de Produit Nestle SA. Neither that company nor its affiliates have manufactured or endorsed this product in Nespresso® branded coffee machines. The Nespresso® trademark is used in relation to this product in a descriptive capacity only and not to indicate the origin of this product.



  • Biodegradable and Industrially compostable to EN Standard 13432
  • Aluminium and plastic-free
  • Dispose of in your rubbish bin or check with your local council as to whether they can be placed in your organic waste bin