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ASKOGO (Asosiasi Kopi Gayo Organic) co-operative has about 750 members in 13 villages. With a collector for each village with their own wet processing station, this allows collectors to bring in ripe cherries which are pulped and dried before sending out as parchment. They have women hand-sorting for QA in their in-house laboratory to reduce the number of defects. In Ujang Jaya Warehouse, this parchment is dried, wet-hulled (Giling Basah) and dried again to get final the outcome of ungraded green coffees with approx. 14% - 16% moisture.


Region  -  Aceh Gayo

Producer – APKO Co-op

Altitude  - 1110-1160 masl

Process Method  -  semi-washed

Acidity  -  Low

Body  -  Full

Flavour  -  Honey, stone fruits, apricot, caramel