Kenya AA Gathiruini

Kiambu County is right in the heart of Kenya’s coffee growing area. Volcanic red and acidic soils and two rainy seasons a year [approx. 1100 mm] produce exceptional coffees. The main harvest between September and December is followed by a fly crop between June and August. Coffee is hand picked, disc pulped, fully fermented and washed. Sun drying is on elevated tables.

Komothai Farmers Co-operative Society is one of the larger co-ops in Kenya who operate a number of mills with the involvement of their member growers. 

  • Region  -  Kiambu County, foothills of Aberdare Ridge
  • Producer  -  Komothai Farmers Co-operative Society
  • Varietal  -  Traditional varieties,SL28, SL34,Ruiru 11
  • Altitude  -   1520 to 2200 MASL
  • Process Method  -  Fully washed
  • Cupping Score  -   87.75
  • Acidity  -  Medium, bright
  • Aroma  -  Sweet, intense
  • Body  -  Good
  • Flavour  -  Sweet biscuit, blackcurrants, dark chocolate, fruit punch, very juicy


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