Indian Kelagur Heights

Kelagur Heights Coffee and Tea Estates is owned by the Mathias Family for the past four generations. It is located in the first range of the Western Ghats in the Chikmagular District of Karnataka State. Coffee grows under a mixed canopy of shade with the upper canopy comprising trees such as ficus; albizzia; cedrela toona and javanica. Though Manjarabad is a small region, the mixed shade arabicas produced here are among the best, and planters in the region are known to be very innovative in deploying new technologies. 

  • Region  -  Manjarabad, Western Ghats, Chikmagular District
  • Producer  -  Kelagur Estate
  • Bean Appearance  -  Green/Yellow
  • Screen Size  -  15
  • Varietal -  SLN9 – SLN6 – S-795
  • Altitude  -  915 - 1220 MASL
  • Process Method  -  Natural
  • Cupping Score  -  81.25
  • Acidity  -  Medium
  • Body  -  Smooth
  • Flavour  - Clean and complex cup with notes of berries and hazelnuts throughout. Delicate body with a berry acidity and a sweet dark chocolate and vanilla length.
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