Rubra Coffee prides itself on delivery top-grade, locally roasted and fresh coffee for every roast

It's all about the beans!

Coffee is our passion and drives the dedication we have for quality. Sourcing of top-quality green beans is a priority for our roaster Santi and head roaster, Allan. The beans are roasted in our German built Probat drum roaster and packed on site, in O'Connor. Rubra coffee is now the most awarded coffee in Western Australia with 28 medals from the  Sydney Royal Fine Foods Show. 

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From the Beginning

West Australian owned and operated, Rubra Coffee has been delivering top quality coffee since 2004. From humble beginnings, our family owned company established a name for itself in not only the gourmet food market but also in the cafe, hospitality, corporate and retail markets.

Jodi and her husband Allan made it their mission to do something different, and have stuck to it after 14 years in operation. Starting out with 20 square meters of warehouse space, teaching themselves how to roast and perform accounting tasks would be daunting to anyone. The duo didn't let it phase them. Oh no! On the contrary! The difference with these two hopefuls was a background in the retail and coffee market. 

Venturing Out

In 2014, we decided 'Hey! we think our coffee is pretty dam good, and people seem to love it, let's open a drive-through coffee shop!' Sure enough, Rubra on the Go was birthed from the same quality drive that Rubra was founded on. Delivering hot or cold coffee goods at a speedy pace with some yummy food to your car? Winner. 

So much of a winner, we've opened our second drive-through location! Rubra on the Go Middle Swan was established in 2018 and brings the same quality coffee and food as Rubra on the Go Hilton. 

Rubra on the Swan, our cafe located on Riverside Drive in Perth, bloomed in 2017. A warranted refurbishment was conducted under the guidance of unofficial interior designer, part-owner and accounting extraordinaire - Jodi. 



Now into our 2nd year running Rubra on the Swan, we are humbled by the consistent praise from our loyal customers and the dedication of the staffing family. 


What do you provide?

Rubra Coffee doesn't just pride itself on good, top-notch coffee, we also provide artisan teas imported from Sri Lanka, chocolate, chai and all-things espresso related. Shop them all here.