Nicaragua Diamond

This unique hybrid of East African and Latin American varietals truly flourishes in the highlands of Nicaragua. Referred to by local coffee producers as a "diamond" for its precious qualities in the cup, these beans come from Nicaragua's Jinotega and Matagalpa departments where the ideal climate and rich soil meet to create the perfect environment for the distinctive flavours to fully develop.

  • Region  -  Matagalpa, Jinotega
  • Bean Appearance  -  Greenish
  • Screen Size  -  15/18
  • Varietal -  F1 Clonal Hybrid
  • Altitude  -  1000 - 1200m
  • Process Method  -  Fully washed
  • Cupping Score  -   82.5
  • Acidity  -  Clean
  • Body  -  Syrupy
  • Flavour  -  Silky body with notes of sweet milk chocolate and macadamia finish.