Mexican Maragogype
The Maragogype varietal is one of the rarest coffee beans in the world. Often referred to as the “Elephant Bean” for its enormous size, it is famously difficult to harvest, requiring rich volcanic soil, a tropical climate and ample shade to prosper. It takes the plant five years to produce the perfect size cherry, and few farmers choose to grow it. The plant produces a lower yield/fewer coffee cherries, which is said to produce a superior bean with a more concentrated flavour.

• Varietal - Maragogype
• Region - Close to Jaltenango, Chiapas
• Screen Size - 16 up
• Grade - SHP (European Preparation)
• Harvest Period - November to February
• Processing Method - Washed
• Acidity - Medium
• Body - Rounded
• Flavour - Peach, honey, rounded caramel toffee & a nougat finish
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