About Rubra

Our Story

West Australian owned and operated, Rubra was established in 2004. We are passionate about sourcing, producing and supplying the finest products to you. Our range includes our award winning coffee, the freshest teas imported from Sri Lanka and worldwide, Kokolicious and Spice Chai Latte blends, a great selection of coffee and tea accessories, and expert barista training at the Rubra Coffee Institute.


Rubra sources only the highest-grade green beans. We roast our coffee in small batches in our German built Probat drum roaster, which gives us complete control over factors such as drum temperature, air flow and roasting time. Every bag of coffee is nitrogen flushed to prolong freshness and quality.

We have been awarded for our excellence with 27 medals from the prestigious Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.


Rubra has a strong relationship with tea producers in Sri Lanka, who work with us closely to create the finest tea range. We directly import a selection of loose leaf tea and silken pyramid tea bags, with shipments delivered regularly to our warehouse, which ensures you are receiving the freshest tea available. 

Chocolate & Chai

Rubra Kokolicious Chocolate and Chai Spice Latte are the perfect alternatives to our coffee and tea range.

Our Kokolicious is sourced from West Africa and is blended with pure Australian cane sugar. The deep red colour is indicative of top grade cocoa bean varieties in this world-renowned growing region. It has no added fillers, starch, artificial colours or preservatives. Our Chai Spice Latte is an enchanting blend of black tea, exotic flavours and spices offering a truly distinctive taste that is 98% fat free.

Ethical Standards

Ethically focused, Rubra recognises its responsibility to the environment, and the people and places that grow and produce our coffee and tea. We support Biopak, Rainforest Alliance and extend our support to all practices in our business, with by-products from our roasting process being used by local community gardening groups.